Computers are wonderful business, education, and entertainment tools. In business, the computer is used to get the job done and make money. To that end, computers are used to process, manipulate and store such information as finances, inventory, payroll, and HR records.For these reasons, the data on a business computer is far more valuable than the hardware or software.

Many companies are foregoing the use and storage of paper documents in favor of storing and archiving them electronically. Although this can have huge benefits in terms of reducing physical storage space and the accompanying expenses, there are potential liabilities.

If a hard drive goes bad, and the only copy of some critical data is on that drive, it's very possible that the data cannot be recovered or recreated. For some companies this will mean lost business or business opportunities, for others it could mean losing the businesses entirely.

Many different data backup strategies have evolved, involving hardware, software, and data storage and use procedures. Although often overlooked, data backup is essential for any business that wants to achieve ongoing longevity and competitiveness.

Your consultant can work with you in determining an appropriate backup solution that takes into account your business, the type and amount of data you have to store and protect, and the technical capabilities of your employees, as well as the computer and network hardware and software in use.